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  1. Hey there! My AXP209 seems not working (not outputting voltage), i dont know why. And i'm really lazy to buy new one and waiting the shipping, because i have a project that need to be completed quickly. And there i have mini dc/dc lying around, that i use for some of these case (unworking board power management). But CHIP is a microprocessor which mean they are pretty sensitive, so i did'nt sure what i do. And my plan is removing axp209 and use dc/dc converter for distributing voltages (1.2V,1.5V,3.0,3.3,etc) instead. Did i must modify the kernel setting?, or can i not modify the kernel?, because i really need my CHIP to back quickly. i know some features are missing then, like battery, intelligent power select, and some of it, but i know the risk, i just need to power my CHIP again, just a quick solder and whoosh.
  2. In the I2C bus, AT24C02 is used as a memory, the function is to store passwords. But I don't really understand that what is the meaning of the device address.At presentm,it is used to connect with MCU. Who can tell me something about the stored password? And how do the AT24C02 and single chip microcomputer coordinate work?
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