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  1. I am occasionally getting an output of: "OTP bank is invalid" (line 310 of MPU6050_6Axis_motionApps.h) when I boot my device (esp32). It doesn't happen all the time, but once it happens simply rebooting the MCU doesn't seem to fix it. For some reason I have physically cut the power to the esp32 then restart it. It seems like something is being set in the mpu6050 itself that doesn't go away until power is cut off. I may be wrong. Has anyone experienced this and have a solution?
  2. Aren't the negatives just indicating the direction? Whereas the pythagorean theorem is giving you a magnitude of the force. So if you move up with a force of 5 newtons or down with a force of 5 newtons, it's on the same axis so the magnitude of the force on that axis could be the same, but the direction would be different. Of course, take this all with a grain of salt. I honestly don't remember from trig class, if you have three different axis' is it still square root or should it be cube root?
  3. I'm working with the esp32 and I get similar FIFO messages, but it doesn't seem to stop it from working. I don't fully grasp how the FIFO buffer works yet, but it seems like the code resets the buffer and just keeps going. I don't seem to notice any problems in the numbers being outputted. Is it causes yours to hang? If you uncomment OUTPUT_READABLE_WORLDACCEL it should cancel out for gravity. I haven't really worked with that output yet, I've mostly been doing yaw/pitch/roll and quanternions.
  4. Have you considered a wireless option? Using either web sockets or bluetooth is not overly complicated. You could have your IMU device connected to an esp32 then have it communicate the IMU data wirelessly to a second device (2 meters away)
  5. I am experiencing the same thing. I don’t have a simple solution, but I have basically tracled it down to the yaw/pitch/roll algorithm. What I have found is that if you stick purely with quaternions and do not switch to yaw pitch roll, the flipping problem goes away. At least it does in the processing “teapot” simulator. My current issue is that I just don’t understand how to work with quaternions very well. Is anyone here well versed in quaternions?
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