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  1. i am currently using the mpu6050 for a project. Now i need to interface it with odroid xu4. Since the mpu6050 requires 5v and the odroid power supply supplies only 1.8v, can i connect the power supply required by the mpu6050 from external source of 5V and connect the i2c interface and ground to odroid
  2. I need to collect the data of abnormal driving pattern . I have used the mpu6050 sensor(acclerometer and gyroscope) and i have connected the mpu6050 to the raspberry pi and i am able to get raw data when calibrated. Now i need to calculate the driving pattern depending upon the data collected from the speed and movements of the car. Is there any package of python which would denote the driving pattern of the vehicle depending upon the data received. if not, how do i process the collected data.