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  1. Hello everyone. Thanks for your explanation jeff. I am building a robot that will drive straight and i intend to use the yaw angle error to make that happen. Right now I am at the yaw angle reading stage. I used the calibration sketch (attached below) and got the offsets. Then i plugged those offsets into DMP6 example of Jeff Rowberg library (thanks to jeff). I was expecting 0 readings for yaw, pitch and roll as i had held it still all the while. But the readings were 49.6(y) 0.6(p) -2.81(r). Can anyone tell me what might be the error? I did notice the comment above the offset setting part of dmp6 saying "supply your own offsets here, scaled to minimum sensitivity." Can the reason be that my sensitivity factor is not correct? // load and configure the DMP Serial.println(F("Initializing DMP...")); devStatus = mpu.dmpInitialize(); // supply your own gyro offsets here, scaled for min sensitivity mpu.setXGyroOffset(220); mpu.setYGyroOffset(76); mpu.setZGyroOffset(-85); mpu.setZAccelOffset(1788); // 1688 factory default for my test chip Can that be the reason? Tahnks in advance. MPU6050_calibration.ino
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