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  1. hi im now working o same thing....measure position from acceleration did you done this work?.....i have doubt to do that because i dont know it can be done or not?? can you share your experience please?
  2. hi i hope you have done this so far but i share my work... i transfer mpu6050 data's to computer with NodeMcu esp8266 it is one of the easiest way to do that wireless because NodeMcu had wifi i used MPU6050_DMP6_ESPWiFi example of Jeff Rowberg's mpu6050 library....you must use a hotspot to connect your computer and mpu6050 with this example i hope this can help you... even though i am trying to measure position data of mpu6050 from acceleration for a game on unity but i can not so far MPU6050_DMP6_ESPWiFi.ino
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