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  1. Hello guys. I am trying to make an alarm for a moving object using mpu6050. I connected the sensor to Arduino and tried to attach it to an object from my house, in case someone moves it, even very slowly, I want to know. The problem is that i made the motion interrupt setting but if i move the object slowly, it does not detect anything, whereas If i tap it, I get imediately an alarm. What you think, what should I tune? Does it have a connection with the accelerometer range or sample rate? Thanks. // Here it is set the motion detect routine . You are able to set the sensitivity of the module. // The values motion duration and motion threshold sets the sensitivity of the module. mpu6050_writeByte(MPU6050_RA_INT_ENABLE, 0x40); //MOTION DURATION mpu6050_writeByte(MPU6050_RA_FF_DUR, 1); //MOTION THR mpu6050_writeByte(MPU6050_RA_FF_THR, sensitivity); mpu6050_writeByte(0x68, MPU6050_PWR1_CYCLE_BIT); mpu6050_writeByte(0x6C, 135); _delay_ms(1);
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