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Found 2 results

  1. Thanks for the info. I can't understand why the constant value of 36.53 is added to convert degrees C in the code that everyone uses. The data sheet says the offset is -521 and since the sensitivity is 340 per degree c, surely 521/340 = 1.53 ?? Yes, I do see the 35 degrees under Conditions - but this was the test condition that the spec was determined under - right? Why is it (apparently) added to the 1,53 to get the 36.53 ? Thanks Russell
  2. Hi Jeff First I want to say thanks for all the libraries not just the MPU-6050, been using them with a several different standalone sensors and combo boards. They all work great. Now for the question. I am using the FreeIMU code written by Fabio and as I was going through several of the comments I came across his todo list which brought me to the your's and his discussion on temperature compensation for the ITG-3200 board. One of the things that I noticed is that when I first start it takes quite a while before I can get stable readings from the MPU-6050 and the cube programs not to go nuts. From what I can see from dumping the 6050 temp the readings don't really stabilize until about 22degC. It also appears that the temp affects the accel readings and the gyro readings (raw) to different degrees depending on the axis (gyro or accel). I have only looked at 19-23degC region and not tried to heat it up yet . I can attach the graphs if you are interested. Was wondering if you had any experience with this and point me in the right direction to correct it in the code, also based on the data is it worth it to put in the correction or just put a test in let it warm up first until a set limit. Thanks for any advice - Mike UPDATE: Reran the experiment using a 1 second delay with similar results which I am uploading as a PDF images along with the Temperature profile. Out of curiosity I also ran just ran the MPU from startup for about 1 hour which I am also attaching which I am also uploading for your reference. Temp Profile.pdf Accel-Temp22-25.pdf Gyro-Temp22-25.pdf Accel-Temp Default.pdf
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