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Disable MPU-6050 Somehow?

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I teach high school robotics.  Someone donated me 200 cheap drones, because their motors are all defective.  I am using them for a variety of things, including simply replacing the motors and using them as drones.

I do have some projects that would benefit from cheap transmitters and receivers that I can salvage from these drones.  

The applications, however, are very much limited by the stabilization functions of the flight board.  Any application that involves motion, and is not a drone, suffers from the chaos caused by the stabilization function thinking it is still trying to keep a drone level.

I am looking for some sort of way to defeat the stabilization function.  That could be by physically disabling the MPU-6050C chip, or by somehow flashing this flight board with new firmware that allows me to either adjust or turn off the stabilization.  

The challenge is that the flight board is most certainly not set up for an end user making any modifications to the firmware.  

I do suspect, however, since it was programmed in the first place, that there is some way that it could be done.  Any ideas would be most helpful. 

I am going to attach some images that might help anyone understand what I am looking at. 

Here are the images






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