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All Zeros in accelerometer and Gyro data. (MPU-6050)

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I am trying to read an accelerometer and gyro data using MPU-6050. I am using the ESP32-S3-HMI kit.
I am getting all zeros in the accelerometer and gyro data. However, I can read chip ID(who am I reg value 0x68), Power management, and other config registers.

I can also able to read temperature sensor data connected using I2c.

Any suggestions for this issue?

Please note that the chip is in wake mode by disabling SLEEP by writing a 0 to the PWR_MGMT_1 (0x6B) register.

Attaching the interface pic of MPU-6050 and HDC1080DMBR(Temperature sensor) with ESP32 for the reference.

Please let me know how to read the data from the MPU-6050.



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