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MPU6050 w/DMP I2C SDA SCL pin definition issue ESP32-S3

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I am replacing all my projects with Arduino MEGA boards and have selected to use the Espressif ESP32-S3 dev kit.  It appears that the <wire.h> called is linked to the Arduino Mega pins SDA = 21 & SCL = 22.  Unfortunately GPIO pin 22 does not exist on the pin headers for Espressif and many other board makers.  MPU6050 will not initialize because the I2C comms can't be established.  What I seek is a version of the "wire.h" that calls all the relevant files yet permits defining SDA and SCL using something like wire.begin(SDA, SCL); where the pin numbers are previously defined as #define SDA 4 as an example.  I want to run the example code "MPU6050_DMP6_using_DMP_V6v12.ino"

The latest github repository does show an ESP32 flavor but it is for the ESP-IDE not the Arduino IDE ( I use PlatformIO IDE). 



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