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Why no wire1 for 6050 ?

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Firstly thanks for this great library. Very professional, thorough, well structured and well documented.


I wanted to run a 9250 sensor but the chinese supplier sent a board fitted with something else which is only 6axis. They still insist it is 9250. I ordered a second one from a different supplier which is same but different. Both 6 axis , the Arduino scanner program shows one replying on 68 the other on 69 .


Sticking the "68" ,  I'm connecting it to Teensy 4.0 . I  tweeked the software to connect as though it was 9250 using Wire1 since I did not get anything on Wire (this maybe a teensy issue, not sure). That got it spewing credible 6axis data nicely. The mag data just returns zeros.


Since it is 6 axis I'm assuming that it is some kind of 60xx variant and it seems better to use that part of the library. But I don't see the same flexibility in that part of the code to set which i2c port is used.


Is there a simple way to do this?





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