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Hi all, 

I am a student and I am using Jeff's excellent library for my school project. I am using i2cdevlib with arduino and processing and have managed to read data from the sensor successfully using the teapot demo. The problem that I am facing is that the dmp needs some time for auto calibration, and hence the yaw drifts for about 15-20 seconds on every start up. However this does not affect me so much. My problem is that the sensor will be installed on a boat, and therefore, it will never be static due to waves, wind etc. This led to the dmp remain in auto calibration process and never stops yaw drifting. So my question is, is there a way to still use the mpu6050 with the i2cdevlib and the calibration period completes while the sensor is moving due to the waves movements? Or maybe can I eliminate this auto calibration process?
Please help me since I am running out of time, and have no ideas how to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance

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