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Getting "Error moving uploaded dump file from temporary directory. Please try again." when uploading file


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I'm trying to analyze a I2C dump from Saleae logic.


When trying to upload the file, it get this error: "Error moving uploaded dump file from temporary directory. Please try again."


I have tried Chrome and Safari Browser, same result. Even both a small/big file has been tried. (100kByte/6Megbyte)


Also, while i'm here, can't you enable a "report spam"-button on the forum, as i can see that you have spammers on here: 



I tried attaching the .csv to this posting, but i get the error: "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"


// Per.

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Hi Zapro,


Sorry for the delayed reply. I moved the site to a new server a while ago and didn't correctly verify that the analyzer upload function still works. I have fixed the problems with upload permissions, and tested a new upload successfully just a moment ago.


Also, there should be a "Report" link towards the bottom right of every post in the forum which allows you to report things for moderation. This link is next to the "Quote" button, and it is a very light faded gray unless your mouse is hovering over the post.

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