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Understanding raw values of accelerometer and gyrometer

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I got an answer from elsewhere and want to Share it. 

The problem is that the function getAccelXSelfTest is a basic function and written in C++. I am using Python for the rest of my Code. To use this function you would have to use an implementet function in C++. 

In Python you could Just read the register 0xD.

Pm does sb knows how to just read one Bit of the register?

What values die you get from which Register dir the gyro? Mine seem to be wrong.




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Hi...i am a new user here. As per my knowledge the sensor is set on a scale range of +/-2g which means that the sensitivity of the accelerometer is of 16384 LSB/g. I know that to understand the raw datas I need to divide them with the sensitivity and get something near 0, 0, 0.98 even if there is an error.However with the values I am having it is no where near from what it should be.

hdi pcb

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Hola a todos, me gustaria preguntarles algo por si alguno de ustedes ya ha trabajado con esto, pero estoy haciendo un programa con el SensortTile.Box y estoy intentando analizar el RawData que he medido con el acelerometro, no comprendo como obtener los valores de los ejes con este RawData. Quiero aclarar que el RawData esta dado en formato hexadecimal, si alguien pudiera ayudarme lo agradeceria.

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