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Yaw Pitch Roll Range Limited to +/- 84 Degrees

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I am having issues with the Arduino sketch: MPU6050_DMP6. As I rotate the mpu, the angle readings never go beyond about +/-84 degrees. What I mean is that if I rotate the mpu to a 90 degree position, I get a reading of 84 degrees, and if I continue to rotate, the angle starts to decrease again.

You can imagine the graph of y = 84 sin([PI * X] / 180) to model my situation, where x is the actual angle of the mpu and y is the value read by it.

My MPU6050 never used to do this. Is it possible it's gotten old and broken?

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Try this: first of all when you start the connection let the mpu6050 be at rest for about 15 seconds. Now, it's true that if you are using your hand to rotate it it will go to only about 84-86 degrees, BUT if you take it to 2 surfaces that you are sure they made 90 degrees with each other just align the mpu with one surface and then align with the other surface and actually it will show a difference of approximately 90 degrees. I don't know why xD

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