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mpu6050 ESP8266 and Units

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Hey there. I just stumbled upon your site a couple days ago. I have a project to try and measure the vibrations wirelessly inside of a (quite large) machine. WIth the adafruit feather esp8266 and an ITG/MPU6050 breakout board. I have tried to apply the auto calibration scripts posted on the forums...and even the suggested manual one with 'raw' values. But neither managed to give me values that weren't obscenely far away from all zeros except for z at 16364 or simply never worked at all (the auto cal)


As I have come to understand it, 16384 is the raw value for 1g. Or approx 9.81m/s/s. Is this correct?

My problem however is, when running the example file MPU6050-DMP6-ESPWIFI.ino...and trying to read/plot OUTPUT_READABLE_REALACCEL...I have a large offset in the output data that I don't know how to interpret. 

My X . and Y converge to (nearly) zero after 15~seconds...however my Z converges around 3900...somethings...What is the unit that this function outputs? Gs? m/s/s? 

  // supply your own gyro offsets here, scaled for min sensitivity
  mpu.setZAccelOffset(1788); // 1788 factory default for my test chip

These Offsets take RAW values. However when adjusting them even a tiny amount the new plotted values are incredibly off. And because I'm unsure of the plotted value units. I'm not sure what I should exactly be reading nor where to begin with on adjusting the calibrated values. 



For further infos, the room this is being tested in, is about 16 degrees C...I've seen mentioned temperature needs to be calibrated...Could this is part of the issue?


Thank you for the amazing work! 


As a side question, How do I adjust to different sensitivities 4/8/16Gs...within the arduino code/registers? 

MPU6050::getFullScaleAccelRange(x) x being between 0 and 3, I have found on the library...is this correct? Thanks again!


I'll continue to hunt around the forums, incase I managed to just miss the subject posted somewhere else and update accordingly

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