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No new fifo data after inital read with dmp

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My name is Robert, I'm a 3'rd year computer science student i i'm working on a bracelet using the MPU 6050 and PSOC 4 BLE chip.
I am in need of a bit of help as i have very little knowledge on programming hardware like this.
The problem i have is that the chip doesn't produce data.
So a standard run works like this:
1. it initializes ok, err is 0
2. fifo count and packet count = 42 dec, 2a hex but isDataReady is false first pass in the for loop so it skips the if
3. second pass in the for isDataReady is true so it processes the data (no new data in the fifo meanwhile, still 42)
4. reads the data from fifo into the buffer and outputs a quaternion, now fifo is empty
5. 3'rd pass fifo count still 0 and isDataReady is true
7. it gets trapped on line 144 at the while loop for reading the fifo count as 0 forever
And i have no idea why.
Some of the code for the dmp i translated myself from c++ but i'm pretty sure it's ok because i didn't modify the logic behind.
P.S. i have some random variables that i use for debugging around there and i know it's dirty but i'm just testing


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