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Calculating Max Velocity and Max Displacement from 6-axis accelerometer/ gyroscope data?

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I have the following scenario for which I am trying to calculate the associated metrics. An IMU functioning at 100HZ has been used to capture accelerometer (3 axis) and gyroscope (3 axis) data for a body in motion. The data is presented in an excel spreadsheet with frame, Ax (m/ss), Ay, Az, Gx(deg/s), Gy, Gz. From this data I am looking to calculate the Vmax during the downward phase of motion as well as for the upward phase. I also would like to calculate the maximum displacement (ie transition point from downward to upward phase). I know the double integration method is the recommended approach but I am unsure of what conditions must be applied to achieve reliable results. Also, are the calculations that can be done in Excel or must one use MATLab or similar computing software to process the data? Thanks in advance!

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