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Will library support BMP180?

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This is probably not the right place to post this, but the forum won't allow me to create a new subtopic in the "Device Discussion" area.


I have one of the ubiquitous GY-87 "10 DOF" boards that has a Honeywell BMP180 pressure sensor as well as a MPU6050 gyro/accel and HMC5883L magnetometer on an I2C bus. Does anyone know if the BMP085 library will work with this device or if it can be easily modified to work?



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I know that this is an old topic but just the information for the future generations.

I was using the same board GY-87 with BMP180 and I was able to use BMP85 library without any changes.


BMP180 and BMP85 have the same "software" (probably also all the registers are the same, but I wasn't comparing them so accurately). BMP180 is just a later version that is more accurate.

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