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  1. The full comment from the motion_driver_6.12\motion_driver_6.12\msp430\eMD-6.0\simple_apps\msp430\mllite_test.c file line 956 /* * Known Bug - * DMP when enabled will sample sensor data at 200Hz and output to FIFO at the rate * specified in the dmp_set_fifo_rate API. The DMP will then sent an interrupt once * a sample has been put into the FIFO. Therefore if the dmp_set_fifo_rate is at 25Hz * there will be a 25Hz interrupt from the MPU device. * * There is a known issue in which if you do not enable DMP_FEATURE_TAP * then the interrupts will be at 200Hz even if fifo rate * is set at a different rate. To avoid this issue include the DMP_FEATURE_TAP * * DMP sensor fusion works only with gyro at +-2000dps and accel +-2G */
  2. Hi there, Another post mentions the following note from InverSense "DMP sensor fusion works only with gyro at +-2000dps and accel +-2G" [mllite_test.c, l. 967]. It looks like DMP has been build for the wearables market for step counting and gestures ect. I would suggest that if this is confirmed that it be included in the DMP FAQ section. I ran some tests and while DMP does not throw an error at other settings but the values returned did not look correct. If you are looking at 16G measurements I would suggest pulling the raw values and doing the Math in the MCU. Regards Dave
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