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  1. Both my mpu6050's show the same result. 10 seconds of stabilisation and then pretty much stable. Just put in a delay in your code
  2. Hi there, Could one of you post how to obtain temperature from the mpu-6050? I'm a noob but think it has something to do with uint8_t Greetings, Michiel
  3. Hello, Great piece of software! Never thought I was able to hook it up and let it work by myself. Jeff, you triggered a new talent in me ;-) But looking at the values, I have to questions: What exactly is the difference between OUTPUT_READABLE_EULER and OUTPUT_READABLE_YAWPITCHROLL ? Second question: There is always drift arround z axis (yaw) It seems to be very close to 15 degrees/hour which matches the rotation of the earth (360/24). Am I measuring earth rotation? Greetings, Michiel
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