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  1. Hi everybody, First, sorry if here is not correct place for my problem. I'm trying to connect three MPU6050 sensors to Arduino Due to read raw acceleration and angular velocity. I connected two of my sensors to SDA and SCL (pins 20 and 21) and got both of them to work. I mean I can read data from both of them simultaneously using primary I2C pins of Aruino Due and it works well. However, for the third sensor, I have used secondary I2C (SDA1 and SCL1) pins but it always shows 'MPU6050 connection failed'. I don't know what to do. For the sketch ('MPU6050_raw' written by Jeff Rowberg) I have replaced all wire....() with wire1....() but it is still not working. I also used pull up resistors, but no success! On the other, when I use 'address scanner' sketch on SCL1 and SDA1, the Arduino Due recognizes the address of third sensor. It means that they can communicate with each other. But I don't know why I can read data! I will be grateful if somebody helps me with this.
  2. secondary I2C bus Adruino due

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