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  1. Hello i2cdevlib forums, This is post seeking assistance with a little additional programming for the MPU6050-DMP6 sketch. I am using the Sparkfun MPU6050 breakout board with an Arduino Micro strapped to the bottom of a skateboard to get data to compare the analytical mechanical model I am working on. The sketch works almost perfectly. When outputting quaternions, after anywhere from 5-30 seconds of vigorous movement the serial monitor stops giving me data. (Are there any fixes for this?) My main request is for a addition to the sketch to allow the run to be stopped with another entering of a any key. Press an key to start, then press any key to stop kind of thing. Or is there an arduino pin which I could wire that can send a high/low signal to turn off and on the arduino in order to capture the ollie data which is only 1-2 seconds long? Are there any other manual ways of doing this? Any help or interest is greatly appreciated. Adam Gomez
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