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  1. Hi I currently doing a project that needs to read raw data from mpu and send it wireless. the device is battery powered and the host controller(arduino) is in sleep mode to save battery. I tried but with no luck to make it work but I don't really know if it possible. so my questions are: 1.is the mpu6050 capable of sleeping and wake up only after a curtain(accx,accy,gyrx,gyry) threshold reached? (then an interrupt to arduino will wake it up too...) 2. if the mpu in sleep mode cant measure nothing and need to wake up first for measuring how can I make the interrupt signal to the arduino to go only after a curtain(accx,accy,gyrx,gyry) threshold reached? I really need some expert help because I tried to work it out for weeks... in my tries I used this settings: accelgyro.setMotionDetectionThreshold(2); accelgyro.setZeroMotionDetectionThreshold(2); thanks
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