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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I currently doing a project that needs to read raw data from mpu and send it wireless. the device is battery powered and the host controller(arduino) is in sleep mode to save battery. I tried but with no luck to make it work but I don't really know if it possible. so my questions are: 1.is the mpu6050 capable of sleeping and wake up only after a curtain(accx,accy,gyrx,gyry) threshold reached? (then an interrupt to arduino will wake it up too...) 2. if the mpu in sleep mode cant measure nothing and need to wake up first for measuring how can I make the interrupt signal to the arduino to go only after a curtain(accx,accy,gyrx,gyry) threshold reached? I really need some expert help because I tried to work it out for weeks... in my tries I used this settings: accelgyro.setMotionDetectionThreshold(2); accelgyro.setZeroMotionDetectionThreshold(2); thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on a project with an Arduino Teensy 3.2 and the MPU-6050. My method to sample the IMU is based on the "MPU6050_DMP6.ino" example in the library. I modified the program and made it into a function that returns three or four values (angles/accelerations or quaternion), instead of printing them to the serial port. Not much of a change. Anyway - the program works well for a minute or two (sometimes even five). It prints out the angles to the serial monitor and they all seem to make sense. But, after said minute or two (or five) - it all goes to... crap. Instead of "roll 29 pitch 0.1 yaw 1.4" (just an example) I'm suddenly seeing "roll -150 pitch nan yaw 300". Then the outputs go crazy and change values frantically for another minute or so - after which they seem to stop at a certain set of angles (roll -180, pitch 0, yaw -180). And by "stop", I mean they don't change even when I move the MPU around. EDIT: I just noticed that it goes back to normal after a long while. Like after ten minutes, the values would be normal again for one to two minutes. Then it goes mental once more. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? I thought it might be FIFO overflow but I don't see any messages in my log. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as always.
  3. Hey all, I have an MPU-6050 connected to a simple board, with only SCL, SDA and voltage/GND outputs. Meaning, no INT pin to connect to my Arduino (I am using Teensy 3.2). Now I don't know a whole lot about these things, but going by the sketches I've seen so far (well, basically the one sketch by the almighty Jeff) - it is required to use the INT pin in order to access the DMP. Is that just the way the sketch is built, or am I screwed by this board not having the INT output? Because I would really love to get Euler angles or quaternions but I've only seen these calculations done reliably through the DMP. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I am new to this so please bear with me. My current project requires that i use multiple MPU6050's in order to track the motion of a person. I am aware that the MPU6050 has two addresses and that in the code supplied by jeff you can state which address on the I2C bus to read from. The problem is with the use of the DMP code and interrupts, am I able to attach the second IMU to the alternate interrupt pin on the Arduino Pro Mini that I am using? If i was to do this what would i have to do in the example code and/or the libraries in order to determine which interrupt is read etc. I have tried to interpret the libraries to see if there was a line of code that states which interrupt pin is being used but i quite frankly dont know what i am looking at or looking for. I hope that someone will be able to help me. Thanks
  5. Hi all I am trying to get my mpu6050 to generate a motion interrupt. I mainly want my host processor to only start storing data from the mpu6050 when it detects that it has started moving. To my knowledge I only need to set the correct registers and connect the INT pin to a interrupt port on my host processor. The code is already set up but it does not receive a interrupt. the registers that I have set to enable the motion detection is: INT_PIN_CFG register is set to 0x30 INT_ENABLE register is set to 0x40 I left the motion threshold to 0. I would think that this should cause an interrupt on the INT pin, but so far I am not getting anything.
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