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  1. After several days of testing, I´m pretty sure that the solution is right. I can´t reproduce the hanging issue since I wired the mpu6050 AD0 pin to GND or VCC.
  2. Try to wire AD0 to GND or Vcc (depending on your I2C address). If you don´t wire it, the MPU6050 hangs often. I´ve solved that problem several days ago and since then it´s totally free of this bug.
  3. I´ve been suffering a freezing problem with the MPU6050. After a lot of tests I think that I solved it. I would like to share with you the solution in order to test if it really works. The "magic" was to wire the AD0 to ground and not leave it unwired as many circuit diagrams suggests. Since I wired it to ground (using 0x68 address) it works perfectly. It´s possible that a voltage fluctuation could change the AD0 value and freeze de I2C communication. If anyone is having this problems and this solution works for him/her I´d love to know about it to check that it´s the right fix.
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