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  1. Hello, can anyone explain me why Jeff Rowberg 1. set the FSYNC-Register, in the MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps20.h / Function uint8_t MPU6050::dmpInitialize() row 404, to Extern_Temp_out_L and 2. the Gyro Range to 2000 instead of 250? Thx for your reply.
  2. Hello, iam using the mpu6050 and want to run the fifo buffer, but i get always the same values, though I activated all Sensor Data. What I did (pseudocode): MPU6050_reset(); //Trigger a full device reset delay(50) //wait 50msec MPU6050_setSleepEnabled(FALSE); //Set sleep mode status MPU6050_setDLPF_CFG(1); //Set DLPF to 184/188 Hz MPU6050_setSMPLRT_DIV(1) //Set SMPLRT_DIV to 1 for 500Hz MPU6050_setFullScaleGyroRange(MPU6050_GYRO_FS_250); //Set GYRO Range to 250 MPU6050_setFullScaleAccelRange(MPU6050_ACCEL_FS_2); //Set ACC Range to 2g MPU6050_setFIFO_OFLOW_EN(TRUE); //Set FIFO Buffer Overflow interrupt enabled status MPU6050_setFIFO_EN_XG_YG_ZG_ACCEL(TRUE) //Set FIFO enabled for all Sensor Data MPU6050_setFIFO_start(TRUE) //Start FIFO delay(160) //wait for 960Byte MPU6050_setFIFO_stop(TRUE) //Stop FIFO check if (mpu6050_Fifo_Overflow) MPU6050_reset_FIFO(); //Check for FIFO Overflow else MPU_6050_getFIFOCount(fifo_count); //Read FIFOCOUNT Data fifo_count /= 12; MPU6050_read_FIFO_R_W(BUFFER); //Read FIFO_R_W Data (uint8t Buffer [fifo_count]) .......... Mistake ? (fifo_count appear correct = 80) Problem: All Values in the Buffer are the same. Did I a Mistake or now someone this Problem.
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