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  1. Hallo everyone, does someone know what's kind of battery should i use for mpu6050,because i want to use the battery to power the mpu6050,i have tried use tow serial Li-ion which are up t 3v,and SDA ,SCL and INT will be connected to the Arduino,i run the code in the computer,but it didn't work. When i connect it to 3.3v pin of the Arduino and it works again.Can anyone know the reason? In the Datasheet it says mpu6050 can work between 2.4v-3.4v. Thanks
  2. Hi i also confuse about the sample rate of mpu6050, do you remember how to set up the sample rate for mpu6050 by code? Imu_Arduino.zip
  3. Recently i deal with a project which use "MPU6050" to measure the acceleration of x,y,z axis. So the problem is that i can't set up the sample rate in my code,accurately in my code the sample rate is about 100z(i tested it..),it is too low,i would like to the sample rate maximal to be 1KHZ, is it possible to realize it? Everyone can check my code and make advice. I will appreciate that if you can help me! code.ino.zip
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