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  1. Hello, I'm doing a quadcopter using an Arduino Due with a mpu6050 (GY 521). Basically everything works very well but not always. Here comes the problem. Sometimes Arduino DUE cant connect to mpu6050 over I2C. Sometimes it can and after restart the arduino DUE it again cant connect. Afterwards I have to power off arduino DUE and then power it again on. Then it works. I'm using pins 20 and 21 for SDA and SCL and then using pin 10 as interrup doing the digitalPinToInterrupt() thing. I'm using the famous Jeff rowberg DMP_MPU6050 example, First time I upload the code it usually work but if I reset the Arduino the next error appear: Initializing I2C devices... Testing device connections... MPU6050 connection failed Send any character to begin DMP programming and demo: Initializing DMP... DMP Initialization failed (code 1) Thank you for your answers
  2. I have same exacly same problem. For the first time the arduino due connects sucesfully but when I restart it, it doesn't work so I have to powered off and on. Any solution? Thank you.
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