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  1. Sorry for piggy backing this comment off this thread, but I'm calculating attitude information for UAV using magnetometer and gyroscope. I want to use the MPU gyro and I can read raw values. I was wondering if anyone knew how to set the FS_SEL of the device to 1? I could probably discover this myself, but I'm so busy I can't even brush my teeth. Best Regards, Shawn Daniel
  2. Hi, this is probably a noobie question but I was wondering why my code didn't work. I'm using the MPU6050.ino code to implement a kalman filter on the digital IMU. The ino file uses i2cWrite and i2cRead but my program will say error. I2cWrite and i2cRead weren't defined. I have the <kalman.h> and <wire.h> files. I I was wondering in which file (header?) is ic2Write defined? Also, I can't find the location of my <stream.h> file called by the wire.h file. Best Regards, Shawn Daniel
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