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Found 6 results

  1. To the I2CDev community, I am having trouble understanding the units of the MPU6050::dmpGetGyro() functions from the MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps20.h file in the MPU6050 library (I can't find any documentation for the functions). It seems that these functions do not output raw integers like the MPU6050::getMotion6() function in the main library. In fact, I have figured out empirically that the dmpGetGyro(VectorInt16 *v, const uint8_t* packet) function outputs integers in degrees/second when the gyro range is the default of +/- 2000 deg/sec, but I would like a precision greater than 1 degree/second, and I cannot find out how to convert the 16 bit dmpGetGyro(int16_t *data, const uint8_t* packet) values to deg/second. Furthermore, if I change the gyro range (and therefore also the sensitivity), the readings change, and I need to know how to convert my readings at each sensitivity. My question is similar to this unanswered one from stack overflow. Thank you so much for your response.
  2. Hello there! I am beginner at this and I want to obtain the following: the raw gyroscope and accelerometer data from my MPU6050 (sparkfun edition). I did that. set the frequency of the IMU at 100 Hz. How to do this? the GNSS(GPS) data from arduino type GPS module. I did that. check/ set GPS frequency to 100 Hz. How to do this? use the MPU6050 fsync function so that I could get : 1 set of acc/gyro data at the same time as getting 1 set of gps data 99 sets of acc/gyro data (time spent since the beginning = 1 s) 1 set of acc/gyro data at the same time as getting 1 set of gps data 99.... etc. How to do this? Thank you! P.S. I need proper description:D
  3. Hello, Complete code novice, I'm using Jeff Rowberg's library and sample code to get the Yaw, Pitch and Roll orientations of the gyro. However wanting to get the angular acceleration using these, (I'm thinking along the lines of, yaw value(t=t+1)-yaw value(t=t)/(time^2), knowing that the sample rate is 10 ms) and then depending on these values, if they are about a certain threshold a light turns on. However I'm very confused where to input these alterations of the code and actually how to write them. Any help really appreciated!
  4. Hey all, So I'm connecting my MPU6050 to an Arduino micro running the DMP Example code however, every time it says that the mpu connection fails! I ran the i2c scanner to see what address the MPU6050 was in but it says no devices found. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have the following pins connected: VIN to 5V (also tried 3.3V) GROUND to GROUND SDA to A4 SCL to A5 We've also tried INT to D2. Pictures of my breakout board and overall setup are below. Do you have any idea what could be causing this to go wrong. The light on the MPU lights up so we know that electricity is flowing/it's connecting.
  5. I was testing my MPU6050 with Raspberry PI and got accelerometer(X,Y,Z) and gyroscope(X,Y,Z) data forming on registers at decentely high sample rate. Looks like I've accidently fed +5v from RPI to SDA or SCL the other day and weird things started to happen with MPU6050. Looks like gyroscope got fried. Accelerometer still respond, but at very slow rate. It changes it's value about once a second no matter what clock source I set. Gyroscope stopped responding at all and writes 0 to each axis all the time. Did my MPU6050 got fried? Looks like RPI's current is fatal for i2c?
  6. Hi All, I recently purchased the MPU-6050 6-axis accel from amazon for an awesome price. I connected everything per the documents provided and ran some sample code also provided on the I2C website. I am fairly new to this but if there were documents guiding me I am quick to learn. When I open the Serial Monitor window at the correct baudrate, I get "error = 2". I have no idea what this means, or where to go to guide me on how to resolve this. Has anyone seen this before or know where/how I can troubleshoot this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! emerjer
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