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Easiest way to transfer readings of MPU6050 to a computer or mobile phone wirelessly?

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Hi everyone. I am doing a small project in which I want to collect readings of multiple gyroscopes and transfer them to a nearby computer for further processing. 
I have been able to connect MP 6050 to Arduino UNO and show the gyroscope readings on the serial monitor. I basically want to do the same thing, but without having to use printer wire (or any other wire) to connect Arduino to computer.

What would be the simplest way to do it? can you guys recommend me any good guide or tutorial for that? I have no prior hardware experience except for making a few simple circuits.

I am also open to learning/using platforms other than Arduino Uno (maybe NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi, etc) if that would make this any easier. 

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hi i hope you have done this so far but i share my work...

i transfer mpu6050 data's to computer with NodeMcu esp8266 it is one of the easiest way to do that wireless because NodeMcu had wifi 

i used MPU6050_DMP6_ESPWiFi example of Jeff Rowberg's mpu6050 library....you must use a hotspot to connect your computer and mpu6050 with this example

i hope this can help you...


even though i am trying to measure position data of mpu6050 from acceleration for a game on unity but i can not so far


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