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I've got a GY-86 with MPU6050, a Barometer and the HMC5883L.


On the Arduino (UNO) I get the MPU to work. But I can't figure out how to get the magnetometer data!

I2C scanner tells me:


I2C device found at address 0x68  !
I2C device found at address 0x77  !


and 0x68 is definately the mpu6050. And since I know, that it can be a master again, I suspect, that the other would be barometer and the HMC is on the slave of the MPU. Am I right with that? Can anybody tell me how I can proceed? Check my assumption or just get the mag data?

Any help much appreciated!!

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Hello @nicnac,


While the MPU-6050 can act as its own I2C master and communicate with a slave such as an attached magnetometer, I am not sure how this is done specifically. I believe some people have attempted it with mixed results, but InvenSense hasn't been helpful in this regard:



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I found many function in your library wich set an external (auxillary) sensor or read data from it, like:

MPU6050::getExternalSensorWord(int position);

Are these just cosmetic placeholders? Or do you have any example, which is useable with that?


And/or do you have ANY clue, whether the dmp code you provided would work with bypass mode? This would do the trick aswell! I could bypass the magnetometer and reduce my own estimation to a filter between dmp and mag. data!


And do you plan to provide a little info what exactly happens in the dmp example? It is not really obvious what is done and therfore its hard to rework it to an exernal function, where I can just say: setupDMP() and then getDMP() and that beeing it.


... Still trying arround

I'd really appreciate any help really much!

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I just "tripped" over your post since I had a similar problem quite a while ago. Maybe (surely) to late now for your post, but just in case other would have the same the problem again in the future:


For the I2C Scanner you "just" need to put the MPU6050 in pass through mode and you will get all 3 addresses.


See attachment for a slightly modified/enriched I2C Scanner for MPU6050 + other sensor boards.


Hope that may help others and all the best



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