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  1. I used: mpu.initialize(); mpu.dmpInitialize(); mpu.setFullScaleGyroRange(3); mpu.setFullScaleAccelRange(3); mpu.setDLPFMode(3); Worked fine.
  2. I'm no expert, but I read elsewhere that the interrupt "pinmode()" should use a pull up/down resister so that an open (unattached) pin does not generate random values. I'm just now debugging a bunch of other problems with the example sketches...not all problems are in the sketches. Some problems are in the core cpp code. I hope to share them when I sort it out.
  3. getDeviceID() is not the device address. My device id for the MPU6050 is 52...go figure. But it's address is certainly 0x68 (default) and can be made 0x69 (ADO high). I don't think the ID is important unless you are using other devices (not multiples of the same) on the I2C line. I'm using multiple MPU6050 and they all report ID of 52.
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