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Found 6 results

  1. Respected Sir, I got some data from accelerometer and gyrometer using MPU 6050 with arduino. But i am not able to interpret numerical values of it. Can you help me to figure out this information? here i am sending you some of data: Accelarometer Gyrometer Ax Ay Az Gx Gy Gz -6616 13880 -1380 915 -68 -49 -6624 13924 -1496 909 -41 -136 -6680 13896 -1408 917 -46 -148 -6636 13996 -1508 913 -35 -111 -6668 13896 -1616 902 -47 -47 -6716 13944 -1496 916 -43 -40 -6616 13972 -1412 879 -57 -5 -6584 13884 -1536 918 -47 -25 -6920 14192 -1584 892 -10 -164 -7792 15016 -1524 1022 -80 -68 -6928 14244 -1484 773 -112 261 -6396 13764 -1416 939 -72 112 -6636 14020 -1596 892 -43 -154 -6520 13836 -1524 946 4 -242 -6776 13916 -1552 926 8 -333 -6916 14008 -1568 891 -64 -54 -6592 13936 -1460 866 -113 216 Thanks.
  2. Hi. I tryed to do my first experience with an MPU 6050 (breakoutboard) but i get only zeros as value. Google brought me here so now i know that the sensor is in sleep mode. But ive got no idea how to change that. I followed just an tutorial and used the libaries from Jeff Rowberg (really impressiv btw.) so im pretty sure the the Sketch and the wireing is noct an issue. Ive saw many videos wre it lokks pretty eays to work with this divise. So how can i bring my sensor to work? And maybe is there any explanation why may board seems different from others? Thanks for your help!
  3. This is a great library to work with. Thank you for putting it together. I am looking to measure the pitch of a vehicle (I'm using a bicycle). While using the DMP-6 example code, I get the pitch; which, is great under static conditions. Unfortunately, when I apply the brakes, accelerate, or just move, the pitch will increase moving forward and decrease while braking. Do you have advice on how to compensate or remove the acceleration from the IMU to get accurate values like the static condition? Thanks
  4. Hello, I am using MPU 6050 IMU for one of my projects. Special thanks to Jeff and team for providing quite useful information. Today, I am interested to know about the following: What is the gyro sensitivity for all directions, X,Y and Z? I did read the MPU 6050 product specification and got to know that GYRO_CONFIG file FS_SEL variable sets this information. However, I am unclear as to where is it done in the MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps20.h code. Do we set the same sensitivity along all axes? Please confirm.
  5. Hi All, I recently purchased the MPU-6050 6-axis accel from amazon for an awesome price. I connected everything per the documents provided and ran some sample code also provided on the I2C website. I am fairly new to this but if there were documents guiding me I am quick to learn. When I open the Serial Monitor window at the correct baudrate, I get "error = 2". I have no idea what this means, or where to go to guide me on how to resolve this. Has anyone seen this before or know where/how I can troubleshoot this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! emerjer
  6. Hi All I'm very new to the world of accelerometers gyro's etc, and I've recently purchased a MPU-6050, which I promptly dropped from a height of approximately 2 feet or so, onto my wooded desk top right out of the packaging. This poor thing bounced around a fair bit before coming to a stop. The data sheet states it can handle 10000 G’s, but this value doesn’t mean anything to me. Does anyone know how many G’s my device would have experienced in this unfortunate adventure? One more thing, the data sheet also states the accelerometer data is returned in 16 bits two’s complement form. To ask a question to what might seem like an obvious answer, is it correct that, to get back the raw data I would have to subtract one first, and then invert the whole 16 bits? OR have I missed something? cheers, and thanks.
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